The importance of numeracy

When: 24 Feb 2022

Teachers once told their students it was important to pay attention during mathematics because ‘they would not have a calculator everywhere they go’. That isn’t the case anymore since the development of smartphones, but even if someone does have a calculator app handy, it is still very important to have a good understanding of numeracy. Why? It’s because numeracy is much more than knowing how to add up.


Numeracy is linked to many life skills

Numeracy has a place in a large number of life skills – from working out a household budget to measuring to check if a new piece of furniture will fit in its intended place. Even cooking requires good numeracy skills – after all, if someone cannot weigh or measure out ingredients, how would they follow a recipe?


Numeracy is a desired skill by employers

Developing sound numeracy skills can help a person increase their problem-solving skills, which is a highly desired skill in many areas of employment. Sound numeracy skills allow someone to be able to look at something to interpret patterns, statistics and probability.


Numeracy skills can have an impact on someone’s health

Lack of numeracy skills has the potential to impact someone’s health in various ways. For example, if someone does not understand the numbers on nutritional panels on food packaging, they might unintentionally make unhealthy choices. Another concern is if someone cannot measure, they might take the incorrect dose of medication.


School volunteering programs

Children’s education charity Ardoch runs Numeracy Buddies – a valuable education support program that matches students (Little Buddies) with workplace volunteers (Big Buddies) so that they can work together to develop numeracy skills through an online blog. 


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