True gift of Ardoch’s Great Auction

When: 6 Dec 2022

From the moment it went live, Ardoch’s Great Auction had Ardoch supporters and bargain hunters alike engaged in fierce bidding and counter-bidding with over $5000 raised in the very first day.

When it comes to operating a small charity, every dollar truly does count, but to provide an opportunity for people to support our work, while also being able to tick something off their own list was key. The businesses and individuals who believed in our cause and donated so generously provided such an eclectic range of items – from practical to whimsical – that people couldn’t help but get excited by what was on offer!

But the true gift of each item was what they represented – in-classroom support for children needing extra help, connection with adult role models, experiences and opportunities otherwise out of reach, and exposure to industries and career paths most would have never dreamed were possible or even existed!

This is what Ardoch’s Great Auction was really about, creating an economy of caring and highlighting the issue of education inequity so we can continue to develop and deliver impactful programs for vulnerable children and young people.

Thank you to all those who donated, shared, bid, counter-bid, won and lost! Ardoch’s Great Auction will be back again next year with more exciting items to secure in time for the holidays.

Ardoch’s Great Auction by the numbers:

1059 emails sent seeking donations

55 businesses provided donations

121 items up for auction

122 registered bidders

1398 bids

$12,812 raised in bidding

$888 raised in donations

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