Why do we need robots in the classroom?

When: 4 Jun 2022

If you mention robots to students they are likely to think they are going to have a very fun lesson – but robotics is also a valuable and educational activity.

Robotics is a STEM activity
STEM (or Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) has become a very important part of the curriculum in Australian schools – and for good reason – STEM activities teach students valuable skills for their future. STEM activities can help build a student’s confidence and ability in these important subjects, and can increase a student’s digital literacy.

Robotics engages students
Hands-on activities are always a great way to engage students – and Robotics is a great example of a fun and interesting activity that will help students to develop Information Technology skills, problem solving skills and creativity. Robotics programs are also great team-building activities, so students can have the opportunity to work together and learn from each other’s strengths and ideas.

Robotics prepares students for the future
We know that there are many jobs that were not around a decade ago. As technology keeps changing, it is important that students keep up with these advances, as sound digital literacy is often a desired skill in the job market. The skills a student learns from a Robotics program could put them on the path to a career in coding or engineering.

Making Robotics attainable
Unfortunately, Robotics programs are sometimes unattainable for some disadvantaged schools. Children’s education charity Ardoch provides Robotics kits and Tech boxes to partner schools to give students the opportunity to learn the value skills Robotics can provide. For information on Ardoch’s Robotics educational support program go to: https://www.ardoch.org.au/programs/robotics/