Literacy Buddies®

Ardoch’s Literacy Buddies® program is a letter exchange program designed to give workplaces an opportunity to support the education of children in disadvantaged communities.

Ardoch’s Literacy Buddies® program matches classes of primary school students (Little Buddies) with workplace volunteers (Big Buddies) to improve literacy and inspire learning through the art of letter writing. The Buddies exchange letters throughout the school year and visit each other twice, once at the school and once at the workplace. The program gives the children a real-life context in which to practice their writing and composition skills. The program also aims to build the aspirations of the children by bringing them into contact with successful working role models in a range of professions and jobs.


  • “Personally, I found the ‘Big Buddy’ experience priceless. Being able to assist the next generation of our country grow, is something that I am truly grateful for. I highly recommend the program.”


    “Being a part of the Big Buddy Program was an experience I won’t take for granted. You can’t help but feel rewarded and humbled making a positive impact in your little buddy’s year at school.”


  • “I am totally supportive of any initiative that brightens a child’s day and helps to feed their developing brain. Life is so much better with good words, books and reading and writing.”

    Big Buddy

    “We all had such a great time with our Little Buddies and can really see the positive impact that the program has on them.”

    Workplace Co-ordinator

  • “Thank you for spending time with us. Lots of the students said that it was the best day they had ever had!!”