The wild side of science

Sometimes Ardoch’s STEM learning programs mean quality robotics kits for children and schools who might not otherwise get the chance to access this type of technology. Other times, it can put children directly in contact with some of nature’s wildest creatures…

This year children from our partner schools had the chance to visit Wildlife Exposure, where students got up close and personal with a variety of Australian wildlife animals. While both parent and child feedback indicates that these excursions are always very popular and a highlight of the school year, they are much more than a fun day out. They serve to spark children’s curiosity, imagination and desire to learn more about the world around them – the foundations of quality STEM learning.

Here’s what some of the parents told us:

“What an amazing experience my daughters had last week during the Wildlife exposure. The girls spoke all weekend about the ‘lizard’ and the ‘cute sleepy possum’. It was delightfull to hear that they had this exposure. I’ve also been encouraged by the girls to meet this ‘hugging snake’ as it ‘doesn’t bite and has no poison’ (no thanks!) I would like to extent my gratitude to the school for organising this and to the company that sponsored this amazing learning experience for the kids!”

“The presenter was wonderful with all of the children, professional and friendly, and very skilled at identifying students with additional needs and providing them the support they required to actively engage with the program.”