Workplace Fundraising

Workplace fundraising, through regular giving or fundraising initiatives, is an easy and impactful way to provide ongoing financial support to Ardoch – directed to where it is needed most.

If you’re an employee, workplace fundraising provides a powerful opportunity for you to help Ardoch go on delivering programs that support the educational outcomes of children and young people in disadvantaged communities. This can be achieved both through individual giving and inspiring your colleagues to give.

Workplace giving

Workplace giving allows you to nominate an amount of your choice to donate to Ardoch from your pre-tax salary each month. As the donation is made pre-tax, you receive your tax deduction immediately with no need to collect, keep and claim against receipts at the end of financial year. You get an immediate, guaranteed tax deduction processed through your pay – and Ardoch receives regular support to be invested into our programs.

To learn more, ask your employer’s human resources or payroll staff about the options they offer you. If your employer does not have a workplace giving scheme or is yet to establish one, you can still make tax-deductible monthly donations directly to Ardoch by becoming an Ardoch Star.

Workplace fundraising

The workplace is an ideal location to raise awareness of a cause and harness the power of collective effort through workplace fundraising initiatives. Whether the activity is individual (such as a personal challenge or goal) or group-focused (such as a collective morning tea, casual dress day or social activity), consider attaching a fundraising commitment to further support Ardoch’s work.

Let us know what you have planned and we may be able to help you promote your activity on social media. If you are short on ideas, but still want to help, that’s another good reason to contact us.