Who we are

Ardoch is a children’s education charity focused on improving educational outcomes for children and young people in communities facing disadvantage.

Our purpose

To support children and young people from disadvantaged communities to engage in learning and believe in a future of possibilities.

Our vision

Every child’s potential is realised through full participation in education.

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Latest news

  • Volunteering Update

    Volunteering Update

    Volunteering Victoria Award We are thrilled to share that Ardoch has been acknowledged for our strong partnerships with schools, corporate and community groups to deliver our workplace volunteer programs. From over 450 applications, we were honoured to be recognised as a Finalist for the Volunteering Partnerships Award. Pictured are some of our team with her……

  • 2023 Impact and Term 1 Impact

    2023 Impact and Term 1 Impact

    2023 Impact With over a year since the last lock down, we were back in the swing of things for another full year. During 2023, we delivered 709 programs to over 28,500 students, an increase of 4% in student numbers from 2022. We partnered with 114 schools to impact 925 classes. 987 volunteers contributing over……

  • Meet Heather Gallagher – Author

    Meet Heather Gallagher – Author

    Meet Heather Gallagher, one of the amazing authors who work with our budding authors as part of Writer in Residence. She has helped numerous students to learn about writing stories, editing and publishing a book. We sat down with her and asked her about her experience. Can you please introduce yourself? My name’s Heather Gallagher….…