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Volunteer photo and letter usage permission form


Ardoch produces publications, and runs fundraising campaigns from time to time for the purposes of:

  • publicising the programs and services of the organisation independently and in conjunction with other agencies
  • informing stakeholders of changes and events in Ardoch’s areas of work
  • familiarising the public with the role and purpose of Ardoch

Achieving these purposes involves the production and distribution of promotional material through such media as:

  • external publications, such as newspapers and magazines; publications, such as Annual Reports, funder reports, posters, brochures, awards, booklets, displays
  • television and radio segments or advertisements
  • intranet and Internet sites, official social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook

When Ardoch shares letters or blogs written by volunteers we commit to:

  • removing your name
  • removing information which could reasonably lead to discerning your identity
  • emailing you to let you know

The copyright for images of people, letters and blogs used for these purposes vests in Ardoch.  Ardoch’s use of images is governed by our Photo, Film and Letter Permissions Policy.

Personal information provided by you is subject to Ardoch’s Privacy Policy, which is available here

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I give permission for images and film footage in which I appear and letters or blogs I have written to be used by Ardoch for publications and public relations activities. In particular, I note that this may include use in print and electronic media, including the internet and official social media platforms. I have read and understand this notice, and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my image/letter/blog.
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