Giving back this Festive Season

When: 4 Nov 2021

It is a busy time – whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Yule, Christmas, Rohatsu or Kwanzaa. Many of us are buying gifts for the family, hosting visitors, arranging meals to please everyone’s tastes, and wrapping up the many things we need to do before the year ends. Yet, it is also a time when many of us feel it is important to take a moment to remember how fortunate we are and to give back. No matter how busy the schedule is, your budget or your location, there are many ways to give something back.


A popular way to give back is to donate to a cause – or donate on behalf of someone else instead of buying them socks or soap. There are many causes to support; if you would like to donate to Ardoch and change a child’s future, you can visit  


Giving doesn’t stop just because the festive season does– why not give a little back all year round? Sign up to volunteer for a good cause in the New Year; a small amount of time regularly donated can make a huge impact. Ardoch appreciates the work of more than a thousand volunteers each year who support the educational needs of children living in disadvantaged communities. To find out about Ardoch’s volunteering opportunities, go to 

Give blood

It doesn’t cost you a cent, but giving blood is a lifesaving way to give back. If you can donate blood or plasma, book an appointment at your local donation centre. To find out more, go to 


Good causes can use funds year-round (not just at Christmas), so look at ways to raise money for a cause close to your heart. For example, you might want to challenge yourself and run a marathon or another physical activity and ask your family and friends to donate. Or perhaps if you are planning a wedding or birthday, you can ask your friends to donate a small amount to your cause in lieu of gifts. To find out ways to fundraise for Ardoch, go to

Recycle for good

We know recycling helps the planet – plus the container deposit scheme, which pays 10 cents per every eligible drink container you return, is a great way to fundraise. Collect your cans, and when you get back your 10 cents per container, you can donate that money to a good cause, like Ardoch. Go to for more information.