Why education is important

When: 10 Jun 2021

A good education can help children grow to achieve their full potential – for many reasons.

Early education can help set a child up for success
Early education is so much more than learning your ABCs, early learning can give a child a good foundation for their literacy and numerous skills. However, the benefits don’t stop at learning outcomes. The early years of learning can also help a child learn about routine, resilience and social skills – all of which are advantageous skills for their further years of schooling.
We know that children who are from disadvantaged communities often start school developmentally vulnerable. Unfortunately, often these children continue to fall behind throughout their school life. This is why early intervention programs are so important.

Education can instil a love of learning
Education does not stop after finishing high school –a child who has a good experience with education may become a learner for a lifetime, motivated to learn about new things and develop new skills well into their working life and beyond. This is one of the many reasons why a positive educational experience is so important for all children. A person’s experiences with education as a child can shape their overall attitude to learning well into adulthood.

Access to education helps a child achieve their full potential
A child who does not complete their schooling may struggle to be able to pursue higher education, such as tertiary studies or vocational studies. Not being able to easily access further study or training can limit a person’s career options or their future aspirations. Every child deserves the opportunity to follow their dreams, but barriers to education that limit a child’s learning outcomes can mean that some children are not given this opportunity.

Ardoch’s mission is that every child’s potential should be realised through full participation in education. If you would like to help improve educational outcomes for children and young people in disadvantaged communities, please visit the Ardoch website for details.