Month: January 2024

Meet Nick Gabb an EPC

I’d like to introduce you to Nick.  Nick Gabb is our Education Partnership Coordinator for the north and western of Melbourne and Ardoch’s longest-serving staff member. Nick is constantly seeking to give students and our school partners the experiences, support and opportunities to help them reach their potential. 

What is your favourite Ardoch program? I really enjoy organising and running the pathways programs with upper primary and secondary students’ involvement.

What about it makes it so special? I like connecting corporate and community organisations who can provide positive professional adult role models to support young people and their learning. It’s important that we can recruit a diverse range of workplace volunteers to represent the diverse range of cultures that our school communities are made up from.   

Can you tell us about a time when you saw how the program impacted a student? I believe I see positive outcomes on students in every pathways program. You can see a student really nervous at the start of a conversation at either a Learning through Lunch or a mock interviews activity. By the end, the student is more comfortable, more trusting and confident in a two way conversation. I think that’s a great impact. 

What do you like best about working at Ardoch? I like working with a broad range of people, I enjoy working with young people and their teachers. When I was young, I had a pretty limited education so now anything I can do to support young peoples’ engagement in education to improve their opportunities, I’m in. Ardoch does this really well.   

Recently one of our volunteers shared their thoughts about Nick “It’s incredible to be a part of Lunch n Learn, Literacy and Numeracy Buddies and so much more Ardoch program offers. In every experience I can sense a strong curiosity in each student and confidence / courage to step out and try new things and converse about all topics freely (with respect and politeness). I cannot think of one single example as all experiences I have been a part of have been coordinated masterfully by Nick (Education Partnerships Coordinator), the children across each school and the wonderfully diverse Ardoch Program and sets kids up for success and the next generation of strong and empathetic individuals.”